Wedding Catering Mistakes To Avoid

wedding catering mistakes to avoid

Wedding Catering Mistakes To Avoid

Catering is a hugely important part of your big day. It can be very exciting choosing your ideal menu and seeing it brought to life! However, there is also a lot to think about when planning your wedding catering. Having a professional caterer on hand to advise you can be a godsend. We’ve put together our top wedding catering mistakes to avoid to help guide you through any food mishaps that could occur on your big day!

Top wedding catering mistake to avoid: read the reviews

Firstly, one wedding catering mistake to avoid that some couples make before they even choose their caterer is failing to read the reviews! Reading reviews is the best way to make sure that the caterer you have chosen is legitimate. They also give you an insight into what others thought of them and their service. Check sites like Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot to find reviews. If there’s one mistake to avoid, it’s this one. Having the right caterer for your wedding is so important. Reading the reviews is probably the best way to help you make that right choice!

Next, make sure you have enough food

One of the most common wedding catering mistakes to avoid is not having enough food to feed everyone throughout the day. If your guests are going to be there all day, they will probably need more than one meal. Don’t leave them hungry until the evening meal, as this is one way for guests to quickly get annoyed! Also, make sure that there are enough meals to go round everyone. You may find that some people bring unexpected guests along with them, such as their children or partner. You don’t want to leave anyone going hungry! Discuss with your caterer if they would be able to provide extra meals if the need arises.

Always account for everyone’s requirements

When planning your wedding menu, it’s important to account for everyone else’s dietary requirements. Yes, you want the big day and the food to be all about you. And it can be to a certain extent! However, if you don’t serve options for everyone’s needs, some of your guests could end up going hungry! Make sure to ask guests about their diets well in advance. Then, you can discuss options that account for allergies, veganism, vegetarians, and the like, before the big day comes around.

wedding catering mistakes to avoid

Make sure you account for your guests’ dietary requirements

Don’t forget your service providers

If you’re planning a wedding, there’s a big chance that you’ll be using external service providers for entertainment, such as a band or wedding singer. If they’re going to be at your wedding for a while, make sure that you have accounted for them in your food plans, too. They may prefer to bring their own food, but this is definitely something that you should discuss with them beforehand. It should be no issue for your caterer to produce a few more dishes to cover them, and make sure that everyone is happy with your food, including your service providers!

Final wedding catering mistake to avoid: make sure you do a menu tasting

One of the tops wedding catering mistakes to avoid is not having a wedding menu tasting before the menu is served at your wedding! Any good caterer will be more than happy to provide menu tastings well in advance of the event. Make sure that you do it! There is nothing worse than being served food that you don’t like, especially on your wedding day. A menu tasting allows you to make any changes that you like, to ensure that your menu is perfect and you are totally satisfied with it.

While there are plenty of wedding catering mistakes to avoid, if you choose the right caterer for your needs, everything should run smoothly. If you’re looking for a caterer who can create unique menus for every event, get in touch with Pesto Food today!