Make Your Event Memorable With These 6 Food Inspired Ideas

Make Your Event Memorable With These 6 Food Inspired Ideas

When organising an event, the aim is to always wow your guests, creating something memorable. It’s the little touches and quirks that make a lasting impression, something to make your event memorable.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are 6 food inspired ideas to make your event memorable for your guests.

Make Your Event Memorable With These 6 Food Inspired Ideas - Food stations

1 Food Stations

Looking to add a unique touch to your event? The answer right now is definitely food stations.

Food stations can include any type of cuisine and are perfect for adding an interactive element to your event.

When creating an event, one of the main aims is to create a relaxed environment for your guests, and food stations can channel this feeling. Taking guests away from the usual sit down 3-course meal, this gives your guests a feeling of freedom when being able to choose their own meal/s. Along with this, food stations can act as a decorative feature within a venue, with vibrant colours and variety. These are truly unforgettable.

Make Your Event Memorable With These 6 Food Inspired Ideas - Doughnut Wall

2 Doughnut Walls

Everyone has a little bit of a sweet tooth, and we haven’t met anyone yet who can resist a doughnut!

This idea is perfect for the yum-factor, but also it’s very Instagrammable. Another great way of making your event memorable is having something eye-catching that people will share on social media, which is exactly what a doughnut wall will do.

Decorative Canapes

3 Decorative Canapés

Canapés always go down a treat with guests, but how do you take these from standard to extraordinary?

Rather than a standard tray, think of something to suit the theme to make these delicious pieces of food being served more memorable. From decorative flowers to match the theme or venue to using vintage looking creates, these special touches can add something a little extra!

Event Favours

4 Event Favours

Yes, favours are usually for weddings, but why can’t they be used for all events?

Think about it – You go home from a wedding with your favour, perhaps using it in the next few weeks, maybe keeping the container if it’s a cute jar for future use, so adding a memorable aspect to your event. This keeps you, or your company if it is a corporate event, in the guest’s mind.

We love the cute sweets in a jar idea, but why not have something a little outside the box such as cake or pancake mix to make at home? Or maybe some local produce such as honey for guests to use in the future. The possibilities are endless!

DIY Bars

5 DIY Bars

This may be a little off the ‘food’ theme of this post, but it’s one worth mentioning. Serving prosecco or champagne at an event is the norm, but why not jazz it up a little?

Using some vintage looking crates or a simplistic table, lay out some juices, cordials and an array of fruits and let your guests pimp their prosecco! Accompany this with some cute signage and colourful paper straws and you have easily added a memorable element to your event!

Remember, this can be used for all types of alcohol such as G&T’s, create your own sangria and so much more!

Make Your Event Memorable With These 6 Food Inspired Ideas - Food Van

6 Food Vans

The main food is finished, the guests are mingling, so it’s time for some more food!

From toastie vans to ice cream and even tacos or loaded fries, the options are absolutely endless! By this time of the night, guests will not be expecting any more surprises – this will definitely be something to remember!

Make Your Event Memorable With These 6 Food Inspired Ideas - Food Van

If you are in need of more ideas, or even catering assistance for your next event, get in touch with our team at Pesto Food today!