Great Ideas for Fun Wedding Canapés

A slate tray full of canapes with a dipping sauce

Great Ideas for Fun Wedding Canapés

Canapés are the perfect wedding food for the couple who wants it all! They allow you to serve aé variety of dishes in miniature size, so are great if you can’t quite decide on exactly what you want. They’re fun and bite-sized so are sure to be a big hit with all your guests! Here at Pesto Food, we love serving up unique canapés, so we’ve come up with some ideas you could use for some fun wedding canapés to make your big day extra special.

Fun mini burgers are a great wedding canapé choice.

Everyone loves burgers! They’re sure to be popular with both adults and kids alike. Making them bite-sized adds an extra layer of fun. They can be as simple or as interesting as you want. Why not experiment with fun flavours or veggie burgers? Or keep it plain and simple with beef, tomato and lettuce!

Keep it vibrant with colourful canapés.

Canapés don’t just taste delicious- they look great too! They’re a great option if you want to serve beautiful, colourful food. We love using a variety of vibrant vegetables to spice up your wedding table. One of our most popular canapés are our parmesan, pine nut, and basil scones, but we can create whatever colourful dishes you can think of!

Dessert canapés are a great fun choice.

Take your canapés to the next level with mini desserts! Let your guests taste all your favourite puddings by making them miniature. This works well for all sorts of desserts. Think cakes, tarts, mousses or even pastries! Even if you’re full from the main course, serving these miniature dishes makes sure that everyone still has room for dessert!


Spring Rolls at a Wedding?A tray containing spring rolls and a bowl of sauce

Spring rolls might not be the most traditional of wedding foods, but they work really well. They’re also versatile as they come in many flavours, such as chicken, beef or vegetable- so there’s something for everyone. Give your wedding catering a fun twist by serving these canapés and your food will never be remembered as boring!

Think about the presentation

Once you’ve decided on which tasty canapés you want to have served at your wedding, you need to think about how you’d like them to be served! We love serving canapés on stylish wooden or slate boards, to give your food that extra luxury edge. But, it’s up to you- there are so many creative ways in which your food can be served.

Canapés are a great choice for any sort of wedding. They’re versatile and can be customised exactly to your wishes. To find out more about some of our canapés, check out this blog post. And if you want to see what canapés we can make for you, get in touch today!