Bowl Food – Buffet And Grazing Menu Ideas For Your Event

Bowl Food

Bowl Food – Buffet And Grazing Menu Ideas For Your Event

Bowl food is a catering option that is becoming more and more popular for all sorts of events, from weddings to corporate functions! But what exactly is bowl food, and why should you consider it for your event? Read on, because we’re going to cover it all in this blog post and more!

What is bowl food and why your event should include it

Firstly, we’re going to cover exactly what bowl food is. It’s a catering option that is bigger than traditional bite-sized canapes, but still considerably smaller than a usual main course. It is served in bowls or other small, practical dishes for the convenience of your guests. They don’t need to have a sit-down meal with it and can take it on the go around your event. It gives them the freedom to socialize while they eat. It’s becoming very popular for a number of reasons.

For example, did you know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle served bowl food at their 2018 wedding? Their food included bowl-sized portions of 10-hour slow-roasted Windsor pork belly with apple compote and crackling, and pea and mint risotto with pea shoots, truffle oil, and parmesan crisps, all sourced from companies holding a royal warrant! It’s an interesting catering option that your guests are sure to love- and that’s why we think you should serve it at your event! Read on to learn more about it…

Bowl food

Bowl food can take many forms

The benefits

There are plenty of benefits to serving bowl food at your event. As mentioned, these dishes are designed to be portable, so your guests don’t feel like they have to eat sitting down in one place. It allows them to be more conversational, and as a result, gives a more informal feel to your event. If this is the sort of vibe you would like, then bowl food is a great option!

It’s also amazing because it allows you to serve smaller portions. This means that you can offer more options to your guests, and they can try them all if they wish! It’s a way to keep your menu varied and interesting, without the usual mess that can be made from canapes.

Plus, depending on what sort of event you are hosting, serving food that can be eaten standing up can save you space that would usually be taken up by tables and chairs. If your event is going on for a while, it may be a good idea to still offer some seating. But, if you want to fit more people in and still serve food, bowl food could be the choice for you.

The social element of bowl food doesn’t just mean that your guests can talk to each other more! It also frees up quite a bit of time that would otherwise be spent eating a sit-down meal. You can then use this time for networking, dancing, or entertainment. So, if your event is under some time pressure, this food could, again, be the perfect option. As you can see, there are many benefits! Interested and thinking of having it at your next event? Read on for some menu ideas…

Bowl food menu ideas

Bowl food: dessert

Dessert bowls always go down well!


Bowl food is great because the only real limit is your imagination! Having said this, it lends itself well to food that can be eaten with one utensil (usually a fork or a spoon) without too much hassle. How about these menu ideas?

Risotto! This can be any flavour that you wish. It’s a tasty and filling dish that’s a definite crowd-pleaser. Add extras including vegetables and garnishes to make it look a little easier on the eye.

Chilli is another warm and comforting dish that can be served in small portions- perfect for a winter event! Serve with nachos and guacamole or rice for a healthy and hearty dish.

Soup served in small portions makes a delicious starter. The flavours here are almost endless, so pick your favourite and serve it warm and fresh. Bread rolls optional!

Salad is the perfect summer option which, again, has so many choices! From traditional garden salads to fragrant noodle salads, there’s sure to be something that all your guests will enjoy.

Dessert bowls work really well to add the finishing touches to your catering. Desserts like Eton mess and crumbles work really well here. Just pick your favourite flavour!

There are so many options out there! But how many should you serve at your event? This depends on what sort of event it is, and how long your guests will be staying. We recommend not serving everything at once so your guests get a chance to try everything slowly. The dishes tend to be about 1/4 to 1/3 of the size of a main course. So, between 3 and 5 dishes are usually the perfect amount!

Thought about bowl food but not sure it’s right for your event? Why not check out our Food Journal to get some more menu and event ideas and tips! Feeling inspired? Please get in touch with us to discuss your perfect catering today!