Hot Canapés – the delicious catered event food


Scrumptious Hot Canapés – Winter and Spring 2017

Fish and Shellfish

Salmon SkewersSkewers of Char-Grilled Cajun Style Salmon with Lime and Coriander Hollandaise
Salmon CubeA Crispy Lemon Salt Cured Salmon Cube with Smoked Garlic Tzatziki Dip


Pork Belly Lollipopin Panko Crumbs, Apple Compote
Gyozawith Pork and Water Chestnut Dumplings and Soy Dip


Miniature Steak and Chipswith Béarnaise Sauce served on a fork


SkewersJerk Chicken and Plantain
Korean Chicken Skewerswith Spring Onion and Sesame Seeds


Goats Cheese Cigarswith West Indian Pepper Sauce

Do any of these hot canapés tickle your fancy? Call us on 01428 682212 to have these dishes at your event. You can also fill out our online enquiry form or email us at; we always try to reply as soon as we can!

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