Desserts & Pudding Ideas for outside Catering, Weddings & Events


Delicious Desserts – Spring and Summer 2017

Pavlova Flowers with Apple Jelly, Raspberries and Vanilla Cream

Chocolate Mocha Tart served with Coffee Anglaise
Cool Bitter Chocolate and Raspberry Delicewith Raspberry Sherbet
Bitter Chocolate Tortewith Summer Berry Compote
Glazed Lemon Tartwith Raspberry Sauce
Lime and Bergamot Iced Parfaitwith Wild Honey and Fruit Shard
Passion Fruit Panna Cottawith Coconut Macaroons
Pave of Bitter Chocolatewith Compote of Black Cherries and Hazelnut Brittle
Raspberry Champagne Jelly Slicewith Black Sesame Crunch, Fluffy Lemon Cream
Mango and Orange Blossom Puddingwith Orange Polenta Biscuits
Apple Fine Tartwith Frangipane and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Poached Summer Fruitswith Lemon Thyme Set Yoghurt and Lemon Verbena Sable

Nougat Glace ParfaitPassionfruit Sauce
Vanilla Panacottawith Kirsch Marinated Griottines Compote and Almond Biscotti
Pistachio Meringue WafersLayered with Passion Fruit Curd and Mango
Banana Tarte Tatinwith Rum and Raisin Ice Cream
Apple Tarte Tatinwith Cinnamon Ice Cream
Darkest Chocolate Nagressewith Cinnamon Ice Cream
White Chocolate Cheesecakewith Blueberry Compote
Cherry, Pistachio and Coconut Cakewith Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Warm Chocolate Cakewith Grand Marnier Orange Curd and Clotted Cream
Warm Chocolate Cakewith Grand Marnier Orange Curd and Clotted Cream


Cheese station

Award Winning Great British CheesesSpecially Chosen for your Party, served with Artisan Crackers, Warm Breads, Grapes, Figs and Homemade Chutney
A Choice of English and European Cheesesserved with a Selection of Biscuits, Grapes, Dates and Celery

If you want any of these mouth-watering desserts at your event, then get in touch with us at or you can call us on 01428 682212. Another way to get in touch is to fill out our online enquiry form and we will reply as soon as we can!

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