Dessert Pots


Delightful Dessert Pots – Winter and Spring 2017


Summer fruitin champagne jelly
Mixed summer berriesin vanilla syrup with passion fruit curd served with nutmeg biscuits
Two pepper red wine strawberrieswith tiny bourbon vanilla and mint ice cream balls
Little glass potsof rhubarb compote and lemon panacotta
Exotic fruit soupwith teaspoons of elderflower sorbet
Mini banana tarte tatinwith dark rum ice cream
Mango tarte tatinwith cinnamon ice cream
JellyStrawberry and pink champagne jelly
JellyRaspberry and lemongrass jelly
JellyBlueberry and thyme jelly


Dessert pots

Velvet chocolate moussewith mint glass biscuits
Sticky chocolate cakeswith caramel muscat cream
MousseChocolate and Cointreau mousse
RisottoWhite chocolate amaretto and vanilla risotto
Chocolate panacottaserved with a strawberry sauce
Crème bruléeDark chocolate and cherry crème brulée
GanacheChocolate, earl grey and orange flower water ganache
Chocolate fonduewith micro skewers of fruit
Double chocolate and caramel potswith tiny shortbread fingers
Dark chocolate moussewith Baileys and mascarpone cream
Chocolate mocha potswith cinnamon shortbreads
PastiesSpiced banana, maple, pecan and chocolate pasties
MousseWhite chocolate and lime mousse

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Panacottaserved with a raspberry coulis and brandy snap curls
Orange crème caramelwith Grand Marnier oranges served with orange wafers
Raspberry tiramisuserved with chocolate shards
BruléePassion fruit brulée
Raspberry and amaretto trifleserved with brandy snaps
ParfaitAmaretto and orange curd parfait
Gooseberry and elderflower fool served with crisp sugar shortbread sails
TrifleBanoffi trifle
Lemon possetwith candied lemon zest
Raspberry foolwith tiny vanilla and almond biscotti
Eton messRhubarb and passion fruit Eton mess
Fruit foolBlueberry and passion fruit fool
TrifleBlackberry and hazelnut trifle
PossetWhite chocolate and passion fruit posset
Cinnamon, apricot and honey triflewith liqueur infused panettone
Cheesecake potswith mango, passion fruit and ginger
Gooseberry and elderflower messGooseberry and elderflower mess
Raspberry honey foolwith tiny vanilla and almond biscotti
Little glass potsof rhubarb compote and lemon panacotta
Strawberry Eton messStrawberry Eton mess
Cream potsLemon amaretti cream pots
Lemon curd and yoghurt foolLemon curd and yoghurt fool
Mango and passion fruit Eton messwith crystallised violets
Blackberry and lemon messBlackberry and lemon mess
Chilled Thai rice puddingwith coconut and lemongrass
TriflesPeach and cherry trifles
Mini vacherins of strawberries with a passion fruit cream
Raspberry bavaroiswith pistachio cream

Ice Cream and sorbets

3 miniature balls served from glass pots

Ice Creams:
Strong vanilla bean, clotted cream, dark chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate, cappuccino coffee, banana, cinnamon, apple crumble, coconut, honey and ginger, pistachio, raspberry,
lemon curd, honeycomb, mixed berry, praline, salted caramel, fresh mint choc chip, mango kulfi, rum and raisin, prune and Armagnac

Bitter chocolate, blackcurrant, coconut, raspberry, elderflower, lemon, lime, mango, orange, passionfruit, pear, pomegranate and rosewater, strawberry, green apple, lychee,
mandarin and orange, lime and coconut, strawberry and fresh basil

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