Afternoon Tea Party


Delicious Afternoon Tea Menu

Menu Suggestions

Tiny sandwiches of:

Cream cheese and cucumber
Red onion marmalade with brie
Egg mayonnaise and cress
Mozzarella, sun-blushed tomato and pesto
Tomato and herbed cream cheese

Smoked salmon with lemon and dill butter
Smoked trout, cream cheese and cucumber
Smoked salmon, cracked black pepper and lemon aioli
Smoked trout, rocket and lemon cream cheese
Lemon prawn and watercress

Honey roast ham with grainy mustard
Egg mayonnaise, cress and crispy bacon
Suffolk ham, honey mustard and tomatoes

Shredded chicken and four herb mayonnaise
Smoked chicken, rocket and mascarpone
Smoked chicken, watercress and wholegrain mustard mascarpone
Roast chicken, avocado and herbed cream cheese
Tarragon chicken mayonnaise

Rare beef with watercress and creamed horseradish
Roast beef, sun-dried tomato pesto and frizze
Roast beef, horseradish and mustard leaves

Mini Ciabatta filled with:

Chicken with avocado and cherry tomato
Roast beef with horseradish cream
Brie and grape
Mozzarella with basil and tomato
Parma ham and fig with chive crème fraiche
Smoked ham and gruyere

Mini bagels filled with:

Smoked salmon and dill cream cheese
Smoked trout pate and hot horseradish cream
Gravadlax and sweet dill mustard
Pickled herring, soured cream, spring onion and chervil
Red peppers, black olives, capers, flat leaf parsley and mascarpone
Chicken Caesar
Bacon, lettuce and tomato

If you’re in need of some help planning your event, have a look at our event planner. It may provide the piece of information you’ve been needing to see!

Afternoon tea

Cold Menu Suggestions


Lemon and dill blinis with smoked salmon, soured cream and sprigs of dill
Toasted brioche topped with tartare of salmon with soured cream and dill
Filo cups filled with prawns, aioli and smoked paprika
Seared tuna and beetroot tapenade on a sourdough croute


Filo cups filled with Mexican smoked chicken and red pepper with soured cream and avocado salsa
Skewers of chicken marinated in honey and lemon, wrapped in sage and parma ham
Filo cups of smoked chicken with a tarragon crème fraiche
Chicken skewers with sun-blushed tomatoes, black olives and a basil mayonnaise
Chicken, prosciutto and sage skewers with a roast pepper aioli
Pastry cups with smoked chicken and a black olive and sun-dried tomato salsa
Grilled lemon chicken with caramelised fennel confit on a toasted rosemary focaccia
Pitta pockets filled with spiced chicken, hummus and coriander


Cheddar scones topped with smoked ham and mustard mayonnaise
Mini chilli corn muffins with pancetta, avocado and coriander
Tiny cheese and herb scones with mascarpone and crispy parma ham


Tiny Yorkshire puddings with rare roast beef and hot horseradish cream*


Cheddar cheese scones with goats’ cheese, red onion marmalade and thyme
Brioche croutes topped with apricot chutney and gorgonzola
Filo cups with mascarpone cheese, roasted cherry tomato and black olive tapenade
Parmesan shortbread with marinated buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil pesto
Potted stilton on oatcakes with spiced apple chutney
Tiny roasted cherry tomato and thyme quiche
Cheddar sable topped with soft goats’ cheese and a sweet cherry tomato
Tiny tarts filled with asparagus spears, quails eggs and hollandaise
Italian cheese shortbread biscuits
Roasted Mediterranean vegetable crostini with basil pesto and fresh parmesan
Spinach, Boursin and roasted tomato tartlets
Goats’ cheese and red onion marmalade tarts
Quail eggs dusted with sea salt and paprika

Hot Menu Suggestions


Skewers of char-grilled Cajun salmon with a lime and coriander mayonnaise
Little anchovy toasts
Salmon and herb fishcakes with a tomato and horseradish cream
Pastry cups filled with chervil, smoked salmon and lemon hollandaise


Tiger prawns wrapped in crisp filo pastry with a sweet plum dipping sauce*
Sesame prawn toasties with a chilli dip


Crab and sweetcorn cakes with a jerk salsa*
New York crab cakes with capers and Tabasco*
Tiny tartlets filled with a crab gratin*


Cumberland cocktail sausages tossed in honey and toasted almonds, meaux mustard dipping sauce or honey and toasted sesame seeds
Mini croissant filled with ham and gruyere
Mini toad in the hole with a caramelised red onion relish
Deep fried risotto balls filled with prosciutto and porcini
Tarte tatins of crispy bacon, Cumberland sausage, caramelised red onion and cranberry sauce
Tartlets of loin of pork with a honey and apple aioli with a crispy pancetta, pine nut and sage topping
Pancetta and sweet shallot crostini


Skewers of chicken marinated in lemon, chilli and honey with an avocado dip
Marinated balsamic chicken skewers served with a lime mayonnaise
Saltimbocca skewers of sage marinated chicken twisted with prosciutto
Skewers of Moroccan lemon chicken marinated in ras el hanout and served with a cucumber and mint raita


Moroccan lamb koftas with a rich tomato and honey glaze
Lamb fillet in a filo cup with cucumber and mint raita


Crisp filo money bags filled with wild mushrooms and Boursin cheese
Pastry cups filled with wild mushroom compote with cream and brandy,
topped with lemon hollandaise and snipped chives
Filo triangles filled with spinach and Boursin cheese
Red capsicum muffins with mascarpone, tapenade and a crisp basil leaf
Little brioche filled with asparagus and parmesan soufflé
Cheese and thyme beignets
Welsh rarebit croutes
Mini sweet balsamic red onion and thyme tarte tatins
Little Roquefort soufflés
Baby brioches filled with cumin roasted mushrooms and lemon hollandaise
Roasted woodland mushroom tartlets with chervil hollandaise
Grilled goats’ cheese with pickled pumpkin jam on toasted brioche
Roquefort filo tarts with chilli onion jam
Sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and grilled ricotta bruschetta with fresh basil
Crispy wild mushroom and truffle oil risotto cakes
Little pissaldiere tarts
Crispy potato and parsnip rosti with goats’ cheese, cranberry and red onion relish
Caramelised goats’ cheese tatin with red onion marmalade and pesto
Poppy and mustard seeded puff pastries filled with peso, sun-dried tomatoes and black olive tapenade
Coriander and corn fritters with grilled corn and red pepper relish

Sweet Menu Suggestions

Afternoon tea cake stand
Sticky buttered ginger bread
Carrot cake with an orange cream cheese topping
Tiny shortbread hearts filled with cream and fresh strawberries
Tiny chocolate and coffee éclairs filled with thick cream
Scones topped with clotted cream and raspberry jam
Little fairy cakes with coloured icing –pale blue, mint, pale pink and cream
Mini fruit scones
Baby warmed hot cross buns with butter
Crisp sweet pastry cases filled with coeur a la crème with blueberries and raspberries
Little treacle tarts served with a lemon grass infused crème fraiche dip
Cardamom spiced mini treacle tarts
Tiny brandy snaps filled with ginger cream
Lime madeleines
Cinnamon jam drops
Passion fruit melting moments
Tiny tiramisu in chocolate cups
Little chocolate mud cakes
Baby raspberry and coconut cakes
Tiny white and dark chocolate dipped florentines
Chocolate or vanilla macaroons sandwiched with ganache
Mini pecan and toffee pie
Baby lemon meringues
Almond biscotti served with a chocolate cream dip
Homemade fruit cakes
Lemon and poppy seed cake
Chocolate, hazelnut and banana cake
Little coffee cake sandwiches
Frosted maple and pecan cake
Summer berry tarts with mascarpone
Fresh strawberry scones with clotted cream
Champagne peach tarts with vanilla sugar
Tiny tart au citron
Little chocolate cups filled with an iced cappuccino parfait
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Baby fruit jellies
Little butterscotch marshmallow bars
Baby meringues filled with cream and rolled in praline
Individual pecan pies
Baby butterscotch blueberry tarts
Chocolate mocha tarts
Individual iced carrot cakes
Butterscotch brownies
Tiny triangles of dark chocolate brownies
White chocolate and macadamia nut brownies
Apricot and almond cookies
White chocolate and cranberry cookies

Do you want any of these menus at your event? Let us know and we will make your event unforgettable! Call us on 01428 682212 or email us at Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form and we will reply as soon as we can.

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