How to plan your wedding breakfast without blowing your budget


Tips to help stick to your Wedding Breakfast budget

So a typical wedding in the UK costs in the region of £25,000. It may be the biggest day of your life, but for some couples and their families that kind of financial outlay can be a real worry.

A large proportion of your wedding budget will go towards your wedding reception, but there are ways of bringing that cost down. So here are our top tips for reducing your spend without compromising the romance and magic of the day.

Avoid a summer wedding

Saturdays throughout the summer are the most popular time of the year to marry. Unfortunately, peak season means peak prices. There are some great savings to be had if you’re prepared to marry in the winter months, with venues offering very attractive discounts. Or you could consider holding your wedding on a week day – again this can mean significant savings on venue hire. You may also get a better deal with caterers, photographers and florists as well!

Think carefully about your guest list

It’s easy to get carried away and end up with a very long list of guests, but the more people you invite the more expensive the catering will be. Don’t forget, catering is generally charged on a per head basis.

Choose an alternative venue

Wedding receptions tend to conjure up images of boutique hotels, country mansions and historic houses. Naturally, these often have a hefty price tag attached. There are plenty of other venues that, once decorated, can look just as fantastic – church halls, village halls, sports clubs, even schools and universities hire out their facilities. Or maybe you have family or friends with a large garden that could accommodate a marquee.

Choose a venue that allows outside catering

Many wedding venues will only work with preferred suppliers or have in-house catering. This may well mean that you have less control on what you spend on the catering, unlike an independent caterer who will work to the budget you set.

Timing is everything

Think about what time you are going to marry. The longer your celebrations go on, the more you’ll have to spend on food and drink. Tie the knot later in the day and you can plan for a meal early in the evening, perhaps offering something snacky later on – a much cheaper option than holding your wedding breakfast in the early afternoon, which will mean providing another meal in the evening.

Keep it simple

Good Food doesn’t mean you need to have expensive ingredients. A much better approach is to work with a caterer who knows how to use good quality produce to create an appetising and beautifully presented menu that will keep all your guests happy.

Be sensible about the menu

Choose a menu based around seasonal produce. Good caterers will do this anyway, but it’s good to be aware – out of season items will push costs up.

If your guest list includes children, make sure you offer a children’s meal. They will much prefer a simple pasta dish to a five-course meal – and it will save you money.

Talk everything through with your caterer. The more information you can give about your wedding day plans and your guest list, the better value you will receive for your budget.

Your wedding breakfast doesn’t have to be formal

The traditional sit-down formal meal is not your only option. Bowl food, street food, afternoon tea and buffets are just a few examples of alternative ways to feed your guests, all of which can be very cost effective. It also means that you will save money on the amount of waiting staff you need. Your choice of venue may also influence the style of food you choose – for instance, a wedding reception in a park or garden is a great excuse to serve a hog roast or picnic food, which will cost significantly less than a formal meal.

Watch out for the drinks bill
Alcohol always pushes up costs. So, for a few quick wins:
• Serve Prosecco rather than Champagne.
• Cocktails look impressive and can be very cost effective, especially if you choose long drinks.
• If you can get drinks on a sale or return agreement, you’ll be able to get a refund on anything that is left over.
• Don’t feel pressured to supply spirits. If there is a bar at your venue, it’s acceptable to expect guests to pay for spirits themselves.

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