How to create the perfect menu for your wedding breakfast


How to create the perfect menu for your wedding breakfast

It’s the biggest day of your life so it’s natural that you want your wedding to go without a hitch and be memorable for all the right reasons. Not only do you want it to be a happy and perfect experience for you and your intended, you want your guests to enjoy the day, too.

There is any amount of plans to be made leading up to your wedding day, but one of the most important elements to consider is your wedding breakfast. No matter how magical your wedding ceremony will be, no matter how much your guests want to be there to share and witness your marriage, everyone will also be thinking about their stomachs and what kind of spread you’ve laid on – no pressure then!

Needless to say, finding the right caterer is key to a successful wedding breakfast. It makes perfect sense to talk to several so that you can compare costs, but choosing a caterer on the basis of cost alone is never ideal. It’s just as important to find one who will really listen to you, understand what you want (and don’t want!) and work proactively with you throughout the planning and costing process.

Here are our top tips for planning the perfect menu for your wedding breakfast:

  • If your wedding has a theme, the menu should fit in with it. At a traditional white wedding, a formal four-course dinner is what guests will probably expect. But if you’re planning something more funky or alternative, that same menu would feel inappropriate.
  • Go seasonal. Using produce that is in season is not only cost effective, it will also ensure that your menu suits the time of year. Strawberries and cream would seem odd served at a December wedding!
  • Take into account what time of day your wedding breakfast is to be served. If your guests are likely to miss lunch they’ll be arriving at your wedding reception with an appetite that a glass of Prosecco and a few canapes or a light afternoon tea are unlikely to satisfy. At the same time, you don’t want the meal to be so heavy that no one feels like dancing later. It’s a fine balancing act and a good caterer will know what will work.
  • Think about the needs of your guests. Younger children will be happier with a simpler menu (and their parents will be grateful to you for relieving them of any stress). Older guests may find finger food, bowl food or informal dining arrangements difficult to deal with. And do make sure you make your caterer aware of any food allergies or special dietary requirements as early in the process as possible.
  • Make sure your caterer knows of any limitations at your chosen venue. For instance, if you’re planning a buffet or want to create a piece of theatre by setting up food stations, it’s important to check whether the room can facilitate those sort of plans.
  • Arrange a menu tasting so that you feel confident about your choices.
  • And finally, you want to keep all your guests happy but it’s also important that your wedding breakfast, the first meal of your married life, is something that you will enjoy and that reflects you and your other half. Always keep that thought in mind!

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    Nothing keeps guest’s interest like good food. Food forms the main element of any event and it hence needs to be the best. I really liked the post and the ideas. Great job!

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