Christmas Party Catering in Surrey – 5 Reasons to hire Caterers



Christmas Party Catering in Surrey – 5 Reasons to hire Caterers

What would you put on your Christmas list this year? Something close to the top of every adults list is time. Too many people try and do it all at Christmas, racing round buying the presents, stocking up on food, cooking all the food and at the end of it all sit back exhausted.

It doesn’t have to be like this as Pesto Food is here to help with five excellent reasons to use a caterer for your event or party this season:

Here to save you time

Time is always of the essence, this is never truer than during the festive season when it is a season to be jolly, not worn out and tired! Using a caterer will relieve some of the strain of trying to do it all – you won’t need to do any menu preparation or food shopping for your party, leaving you more time to buy presents and arrange all the elements of Christmas.

In fact, not only will you save time before the party with caterers, you’ll save time afterwards as we will clean up after ourselves leaving you with a tidy venue and time on your hands.

Use our expertise

With a huge number of events under our belt and a vast array of experience, Pesto Food can work with you to plan a menu befitting of your event. The food and drink can be matched and seasonal flavours will ensure maximum impact with the menu.

You’ll know that what’s being provided will be safe for guests with allergies as we can work with any requirements a person may have. We’ll also know from our experience exactly how much food you’ll need for your guests so you needn’t worry about running out of food. That’s the beauty of using a caterer, you can rely on all their knowledge to make sure your party is a success!

Taking away all the hassle

With any event involving food, there is a great deal of preparation to be done – chopping, slicing, dicing, rolling, marinating and more. Caterers will do all this for you so there nothing to do in advance of the party, you will not have anything to get ready and you can’t forget to do something as it will all be done for you.

Once the preparation is finished, the cooking takes place and professional caterers will have everything ready on time and at the right time so you don’t have to worry about things taking longer to cook than expected – your party food will run like clockwork. After the cooking comes the presentation, we’ll make the food look stunning and ensure it’s beautifully presented so you can sit back and enjoy the compliments whilst we serve it.

The WOW factor

Using a professional caterer will guarantee your party food has the wow factor. Mouth watering starters that warm up the palette for what’s to come, main courses that leave you sated but wanting more of the delicious flavours and divine desserts that finish the meal beautifully – your diners will be treated to an amazing meal that will really get them talking.

And whether it’s a buffet, a sit down meal, a barbeque or the pizza oven, we can ensure the food matches the occasion and works beautifully with the event.

It’s all about YOU

Hiring a professional catering company ensures that you can save your energy and enjoy yourself. You won’t be frazzled from getting everything ready, worried about how the food will turn out (and ready on time) or stressed from doing it all. You can relax, get ready, look fabulous and enjoy yourself. Mingle and focus on your guests, knowing everything else is taken care of by the professionals.

You can relax, get ready, look fabulous and enjoy yourself. Mingle and focus on your guests, knowing everything else is taken care of by the professionals.

If you’d like to discuss Pesto Food helping you with your plans for entertaining then please call us on 01428 682212 or email us at Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we will reply as soon as we can. We’d be very happy to discuss your ideas and how we can make your event a memorable one.

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  • Scott

    I definitely agree that hiring a caterer helps save you time and stress. I can see why this would be really nice for someone who is getting married or having a huge social event and needs to socialize with people. My fiance and I are planning our wedding for the beginning of summer. I’ll have to talk to her about hiring a caterer to help alleviate some stress from us.

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