A food fit for the gods…


A is for Asparagus

British AsparagusThis quiet, simple, sensational unique-tasting vegetable continues to inspire professional and home cooks alike, particularly British asparagus which tends to be the shortest growing season of all, late April to mid June. This makes it a gem of a vegetable to enjoy: fresh, seasonal, and healthy all describe this wonderful vibrant versatile food.

I personally like to eat my British Asparagus as simply prepared and cooked with as least fuss as possible, lightly steamed with salty goats butter and avocado oil and milled black pepper.
Then served like military soldiers with soft boiled free range local eggs. Therer are endless recipes cooked up by endless celebrity chefs describing complicated minimalistic ways of preparing asparagus, all of which I would strongly advise against…..

Remember this motto!

Buy fresh, cook simple and tasty, eat plenty, for the season of British asparagus is only short lived.

This makes it a truly special great Brit …